Start-up Development And Business Planning

For Startups and Growth Companies

For start-up companies we are an active investor with willingness and capabilities to develop the start-up into the growth path.

Please contact for:

  • Seed financing
  • Financing planning
  • Technology analysis
  • MVP (Minimum Viable Project) development
  • GTM (Go To Market) analysis and development
  • Active participation in the strategic management of the Company as a Board Member or an Advisor.

For established companies and corporations

Tikura provides a unique set of expertise in the areas of strategy development product, concept and business model development, as well as mobile communications and innovation management.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Business Model development and analysis
  • Preparation of the Business Plan
  • Preparation of the Financial Plan
  • Product portfolio management

Additionally, we resource larger projects with our extensive international partner network.

Contact information

Tikura Ltd.

Korvenkyläntie 39

FIN-55300 Rauha, Finland

Business identity code: 2164788-2

Domicile: Lappeenranta

Antti Pellinen, Managing Partner

+358 40 547 7044

antti.pellinen (at)