Expert Services

Tikura offers expert services mainly for Startups, Growth Companies and Corporations. We concentrate in governance, financing and financial planning, as well as different stages of the product development process.

as a Service

Tikura offers it's customer companies Chief Financing Officer as a service. With outsourced expert the company immediately benefits from the competencies of a skilled and experienced CFO. Our expert gets to know the customer company and can quickly dig into the matter in hand. CFO as a service is also significantly more cost efficient than hiring a full time person.

The service may include e.g. financial planning, up-to-date Financial Plan, financial reporting and governance.

Business Model


Clear and well-founded business model is the cornerstone of any and all profitable businesses. Tikura helps it's customer companies define products and services sold, target markets, and any costs and expenses the production requires. After all this - and more - is clear, the Business Model can be defined and implemented.

The services cover e.g. Business Model development and analysis, as well as GTM (Go To Market) analysis and development.

Concept and product development

Especially the tech companies tend to be really focused on the product development. While the customer and customer needs are often forgotten. Tikura's experts help companies focus their development work and improve the market fit. When prototypes and first products are actually useful to the customers, the sales will follow.

Co-operation may include e.g. technology analysis, MVP (Minimum Viable Project) development. as well as Product portfolio management.

Contact Information

Antti Pellinen

Managing Partner
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